MOOC Pharo

PubliĂ© le 30/03/2018 dans actualitĂ©s

For this second run (, the Pharo Mooc got more than 2500 participants with around 500 active learners from 92 countries with 176 participants that finished it. And this Mooc is demanding but rewarding 🙂

We would like want to thanks our sponsors: Unit, Unisciel, and the LearningLab of Inria.

All the Mooc material is freely available at

We would like to share some testimony. Here are what some of the participants are saying about the Mooc.

– I just completed the @pharoproject Mooc the best investment I have ever made of my time. MAQBOOL

– Hi! I finished the MOOC some weeks ago and I would like to congratulate everybody involved! After a decade+ of Python programming I think I found my new favorite language :). I’m making a small Teapot server for Slack command bots, I’m goona push it to Github (yay Iceberg), if anyone is interested. EduardoPadoan

– I finished the Pharo MOOC a few days ago. Thank you very much to Damien, Stephane, and Luc for their work on the material! I enjoyed it very much

– Hey, I’ve just finished the Mooc. It’s awesome. I’m sending you the typos or minor issues I’ve noticed throughout the mooc. Additionally, there must be a bug in the scoring algorithm, since I got >100% even though I failed some quizs.

– Hey all – I’ve just finished the Mooc – thanks for an excellent course and a thouroughly interesting look at a new way to program 🙂 Looking forward to starting to play with Pharo on some upcoming ideas I’ve had 👌3

– I already had previous Smalltalk experience, but yes, I’m extremely happy Chapter 7 has been extremely fulfilling

– A general comment I wanted to make is that the MOOC so far has been great. Impressed with the quality and content, and grateful that it is available and free. Many thanks! Aryeh

– Merci beaucoup! 👍1 🇫🇷1

– IMHO the videos were very well done. I would even say shockingly well done… for a bunch of programmers who are supposed to be clueless about design SeanDeNigris – 10/26/2017 – The more I learning about @pharoproject the more I appreciate it’s beauty and simplicity, finally, object-oriented programming is done right MAQBOOL

Date de début vendredi 30/03/2018 – 16:29